6 FUN Challenges To Get Ready for Life In New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans is a really big deal. People fall in love with our city because it is unlike any other city in the world. To help you get ready for such a big move, I now present my 6 favorite ways to prepare for your life in New Orleans.

1. Complete the New Orleans Chicken Nugget/Speed Bump Challenge

New Orleans is a city built on uneven ground so the ground shifts often creating the countless potholes our city is famous for. To get into practice for moving to New Orleans, stop by your local fast food spot and order chicken nuggets then drive to an empty parking lot that has a lot of speed bumps and practice driving over the speedbumps without slowing down while eating chicken nuggets at the same time. When you manage to get more than 5 chicken nuggets in a row inside your mouth while driving at regular speed over the speed bumps, you might be ready to move to New Orleans.

2. Spend an afternoon introducing yourself to random Black people.

Nearly 60% of New Orleans residents are Black so if you have any hesitations or reservations about being around Black people it’s best that you work through it now. Look online for a club or restaurant in your area that is frequented by Black people and spend an afternoon or evening there walking up to strangers and starting conversations. This will help you adjust to a city where everywhere you go you see Black people in leadership positions and answering calls for businesses.

3. Sit in a steaming hot bathroom for 30 minutes fully clothed.

If you come from a northern city you may not be ready for the humidity in New Orleans. To prepare for your new life in New Orleans you should run a hot shower and allow the steam to fill the bathroom. Remain fully dressed inside the bathroom and keep the door closed while you sit down and listen to music for 30 minutes. THIS is what it feels like every time you step outside during the summer in New Orleans. When this challenge no longer bothers you, you might be ready to move to New Orleans.

4. Spend the evening in the dark with candles and wine.

Everyone who moves to New Orleans has a fear of Hurricanes. Our Hurricane season can be very active yet in the best case scenario, you will lose power for a day or two and have to cope with that. To practice for Hurricane season, turn off the power in your home and sit there for at least 6 hours. Make a plan for what you will do without internet or air conditioning for 6 hours. Can you make it without losing your mind? When this challenge becomes easy for you, you might be ready to move to New Orleans.

5. Each time you thank someone, end the sentence with “My Baby”.

People in New Orleans have the absolute best accent ever. All races here sound just alike, it’s not a Black thing it’s a New Orleans thing. When you meet a Caucasian bartender or Uber driver from New Orleans and he speaks to you, you will melt. It’s so sexy! But you have to get excited and ready to have everyone call you baby with no strings attached. You have to be okay with your significant other saying, “Thank you, My baby.” to the lady at the drive through window without being upset about it. It’s a normal term and everyone says it. Try it yourself. Every time you have to say Thank you, end it with “My Baby” Do this for an entire day and when it becomes natural, you might be ready to move to New Orleans.

6. Replace all of your seasonings with Tony Chachere’s Creole & Cajun Seasoning.

When you live in New Orleans it is mandatory to have a bottle of Tony Chachere’s Creole & Cajun Seasoning in your kitchen. To get ready for this new flavor, buy some and replace your favorite seasonings with it. Yes, use this same seasoning on chicken, beef, seafood and even popcorn. You do NOT need additional salt when you use Tony Chachere’s. Make all of your meals for an entire week only using Tony Chachere’s seasoning and you might be ready to move to New Orleans.

Hope you enjoyed this challenge! Leave a comment when you complete ALL of them!

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  • Shae Walters
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    This is great Te-Erika, I will be testing myself today. Lol

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